At home I have a Linux server, wich runs Debian Linux operating system.
This server controls every network based functions that I use. It sends and receives mails, maintains my internet connection, manages the LAN traffic, transparent proxy, firewall, webserver (Apache), shares network drives (Samba), synchronises clock, and periodically connects to the intrenet using dial-up network. I can read my mails from PINE and with IMAP.

Right now the server contains a Celeron-366 CPU, 192MB RAM, a 40x and a 8x CD-ROM drives, 20GB Quantum HDD and an 56K Voice MODEM.

The server runs non-stop since september of 1999.

The lots of CD-ROMs are for MP3 listening, so this way I can have 36 hours of music in my playlist.

The name of the server is taken from the book: The Legend of The Cathedral, in wich a weapon was called by this name.

The server is not yet regisetered on the internet, it can be accessed via dial-up.

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