Other downloadable files.

  •  Curriculum Vitae (112KB)

  • Downloads: 567
    This is my Curriculum Vitae in English.

  •  Curriculum Vitae in Hungarian (117KB)

  • Downloads: 373
    This is my Curriculum Vitae in Hungarian.

  •  MP3 List (75KB)

  • Downloads: 776
    This file contains my MP3 list in compressed Winamp playlist files.

  •  PGP public signature (1KB)

  • Downloads: 223
    This is my PGP public key signature.

  •  Shipwrecked Screensaver (1363KB)

  • Downloads: 1026
    Displays a guy shipwrecked to a deserted isle. The poor guy does a lots of funny things (catching fish, eating, sleeping, climbing tree, sends mail in bottle, and jumps into the sea from the top of the tree, and much more...). You can watch it fooling around for some hours without getting bored.

  •  Snowcraft (2071KB)

  • Downloads: 211
    This is a typical winter game, throwing snowballs in teams.

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